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HotKeySet( "{esc}", "quit" )
Func quit( )
SplashTextOn("WinClassNames", "Click on the window you wish to get ClassNames for.")
While 1
   $text = WinGetTitle("")
   $class = WinGetClassList($text)
   ControlSetText("WinClassNames", "Click on the window you wish to get ClassNames for.", "Static1", "Class Name for " & $text & ":"& @LF & $class)

It doesnt update the class names every time i click on a new window

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This works for me though one of the other guys here can probly make it cleaner.

HotKeySet( "{esc}", "quit")
$TEXT = ""
While 1
   $CHECKNEW = WinGetTitle("")
   If $TEXT <> $CHECKNEW Then
      $TEXT = WinGetTitle("")
      $CLASS = WinGetClassList($TEXT)
      $SPLASH = SplashTextOn("WinClassNames", "Class names for " & $TEXT & ":" & @LF & $CLASS)

Func quit()
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