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I am rather new to AutoIt and require a bit of help...

I have a script that can enter text to a DOS prompt, but is there an easy way to read text from it (Ex. without pixel by pixel analysis)?

Also, is there a way to send/read text from a window that does not possess the focus without switching the focus to it? For example, is it possible for my little script to run and utilize the prompt without the prompt having the focus?


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As posted many times in this forum it's not possible to read text from an dos windows.

Try it with the Spy-Tool and see for yourself.


What about Windows without using AutoIt ?It would be the same as driving a car without an steering Wheel!
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if you only want to execute one program in DOS, you can try writing the output to a file.

Run(@comspec & " /c dir c:\ > c:\dir.txt")

That should write the directory listing to c:\dir.txt.

Then you can open that file and read the output.



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