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Pixel Search Seek and Find Tracking System

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In the past 3 days of scripting in this language, I must say this is probably more fun than writing games ... I have been using AutoIt to create a game bot known as HYBERMINE. So far I have been able to overcome every challenge that has arrived, but I was just wondering if anyone has tried the procedure I am about to explain, and if they have please give me some pointers.

I want to use a Pixel Search on a game browser screen about 500x600. It will search for a userdefined color. When found it will put a box around the color, and thus allowing a mouse to click in said box. However, I would like there to be several boxes for the Color Tracking Sytem to click on. Also, I want the color to be kept at the center of the box, so that the box follows the color until it is no longer visible

Has anyone done anything like this? Please help me out =) Thanks

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