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v3.0.89 available in /unstable/

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Fixed the nightmare bug in 3.0.88...

Also added the "standard" include syntax:

#include <test.au3>

will reference the "<InstallDir>\Include\" directory - this value is read from the registry from the installer. If AutoIt was not installed using the installer then it works just as the normal #include " " syntax. I had to use the registry rather than the orignal suggestion for <> (path of the running AutoIt3.exe file) as Aut2Exe also has to use the same location.

Jeremy is putting together useful "standard" functions for this directory and I'm sure any useful code that is contributed may end up there as well :whistle:

The current plan is to have similar categories as the builtin functions...Date.au3, String.au3, etc. I've also suggested that I would like the function names to start with _ so that they are easy to spot and less likely to be duplicated.

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I've almost finished a new directive: #include-once

If this directive is placed at the top of a file you will only be able to include it once - subsequent attempts are ignored. Should be good for the standard libs when many include files may want to use the same string.au3 library. At the moment this creates duplicate hell.

I'll add another reply when it's done (tomorrow - it's too late here :whistle: )

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