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AutoIt newbie here -- nice tool!

Am automating a a file retrieval GUI. Interface has button labelled 'GetFiles' (spy shows as Class: Button3 and Text: &GetFiles). On selecting the button, text changes to 'CancelRetrieve' until the download is complete and then returns to 'GetFiles'. Once file download is complete and before retrieving next file, series of additional steps (button clicking within the GUI) are necessary to process locally.

Need help with syntax to create a loop to get files continuously until all files have been retrieved but have two problems:

1) Only indication that download has begun is the button text change. This is sometimes instantaneous, other times, minutes. Using wait with max potential wait time limits benefits of automating. What syntax would allow me to watch this button and assure the button text first changes to 'CancelRetrieve' then back to 'GetFiles' before proceeding to the next step(s)?

2) App needs to loop per above until no more files are available to download but only indication that there are no more files to download is hidden text under another button on the GUI labelled 'Info'. Selecting 'info' opens a new window (spy sees Title 'Info' text box Class: SysListView321 and Text: 'List1') with a log of every transaction the GUI has performed. Within that list (among very detailed descriptions of the file download steps) is an 'error: no more files'. Need help with parsing the text to see if this exists to know whether to continue the download loop or move on.

Any inputs appreciated!


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