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mIRC addon (looking for war program)

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I'm unable to recieve the instance of every channel in the chat program mIRC (it's the only way to keep them out of each other).

Any help or sugestions are appreciated.

Func get_channels_instances()
    $channels_tempf = StringSplit($channels, ";")
    $instances_loop = 1
    $channels_done = 0
    Dim $channels_instances[$channels_tempf[0]+1]
        $channels_loop = 1
            ConsoleWrite($channels_tempf[$channels_loop]&" - "&$instances_loop&@CR)
            If ControlGetHandle($irc_winname, "#"&$channels_tempf[$channels_loop]&" [", "[INSTANCE:"&$instances_loop&"; CLASS:"&$irc_channel_class&"]") <> "" Then
                $channels_instances[$channels_loop] &= $instances_loop
            $channels_loop += 1
        Until $channels_loop > $channels_tempf[0]
        $instances_loop += 1
    Until $channels_done >= $channels_tempf[0] Or $instances_loop > 50
    MsgBox(0, "", $channels_tempf[1]&" = "&$channels_instances[1]&@CR&$channels_tempf[2]&" = "&$channels_instances[2])

Full script:

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