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Excel Form Command Button

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I'm new to autoit but have learned a great deal in the last week that I've used it. I have a pretty extensive Excel application that automates reporting proccess. It has a Userform that opens up as soon as you open the application and you can click on any of the buttons to do various task.

I've written the autoit script to open up the query application I use to dump the info from the database. It clicks on the buttons enters the correct date sequences and then closes out the files in the order I've written. I'm having difficulty linking the two processes together. The problem I've run into is that the window info tool does not recognize the command buttons that are on the excel form. It opens the excel application fine, but stops after that. I'd considered using $oExcel.Application.Run("Macro name") but can't seem to get it working, I'm assuming because the command buttons are private procedures and because of this, they don't list themselves in the macros area. I could rework the code so that the procedures the button use is listed in one of my modules instead of on the form (thus negating the need to click a button all together) but it would take a large amount of rewrite in the excel application and I am desperately searching for an alternative.

Does anyone have any advice? I've serarched all over the forums but can't quite seem to find anything related to my particular problem (Command Buttons on an excel form)


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