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how do i find items?

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I'm a complete noob with com, so sorry if this is a stupid question.

I'm trying to script something for outlook.

and based on this post

i can see the constants (properties?)

for example.

i see Global Const $olMailItem = 0

but looking at a vb script

i see this

theMailItem.Recipients.Add ""

theMailItem.Subject = "Your Subject Here"

theMailItem.Body = "Your message here."


how do i find the .subject the .body the .send

how do i find those commands?

I used the OLE viewer as described in the autoit help file.

but it doesn show the (items are they called?) .send .body, etc etc.


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Outlook provides many classes which you can interact. The following sections briefly describe some of the top-level classes, these classes include:









and you'll have to include, open and make a pool with the ones you want to interact, just like the OVCtl.OVCtl.1 or the Outlook.Application component. Goggle serarch would do no harm and you'll find lots of relevant documentation...


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