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multiple gui handles, controls in one big script

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ok so i have a large script that utilizes multiple gui windows each with a handful of controls. now what i did was create each gui seperately and then included each .au3 file (the separate gui's)in the main script.

now in xp pro the main gui window and the controls all look perfect. in vista, alot of the main controls on the main gui window (the script file that #includes all the small gui files) are missing. now, when i remove the includes, the controls look normal.

its because when the files are included, the control creation functions probably conflict with each other and cause it to not turn out right. but why in vista and not in xp?

is there a way to combat this? am i missing something that i should do, like close the gui so that the controls stay to that particular handle?

thanks ahead of time :)

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