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PC Remote Control 3 via Browser: direct connection & AJAX

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Here is the new version of PC Remote Control. It works in a completely different way.

There is no more need of the intermediate server:

Now you can type your IP & port in the browser or type the user name in the common login page: http://antiufo.altervista.org/remote

You no longer need to use a web hosting service :)

Web page & download: http://antiufo.altervista.org/remote_get

Posted Image

Web page & download: http://antiufo.altervista.org/remote_get

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Why does it need IE6+? Is it because you do not handle HTTP properly?

I'm used to write Javascript code for Internet Explorer.

You can use it with Firefox, but javascript doesn't work properly (add index.htm to the URL to bypass the browser check).

Never mind, Internet Explorer is on almost every windows computer...

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Che spettacolo! Complimenti!

Purtroppo se non si appoggia piu a un webserver non posso piu usarlo io che sono FastWeb.


Non ci avevo mai pensato, gli utenti FastWeb di un edificio hanno tutti lo stesso IP, la connessione è in comune e quindi non possono aprire porte TCP?

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It said: This program needs a direct connection to the internet and will now exit.

Try to see your IP address from http://www.checkmyip.com/

Then Run this script:

MsgBox(0, 'My IPs', @IPAddress1 & '; ' & @IPAddress2 & '; ' & @IPAddress3 & '; ' & @IPAddress4)

If your IP from checkmyip.com is not in the list of @IPAddressX, Probabily you are using a proxy. Try to disable the proxy.

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This is the problem: The programs needs to know the IP of its computer: TCPListen needs to know the IP of the computer.

Which @IPAddress should I use? In my computer the right one is @IPAddress2, but in many other it's @IPAddress1.

So I need to use _GetIP to retrieve the IP from a service like checkmyip.

If this address is not in the list of @IPAddresses, I can't open the TCP port.

Try to disable the proxies and firewalls, if you have one and connect directly to the Internet.

I'm sorry this happens, but TCPListen needs the IP address.

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I am getting the "This program needs a direct connection to the internet and will now exit." error.

I have tried the autoit script you suggested and it returns my local lan ip address and nothing else. I think that if the check for the correct IP was removed, it would work - so if possible please upload a version without that check.

I have no software firewall and I am behind a router with the firewall turned off, so it is not a firewall issue.

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