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Question - dealing with 'conditional' prompts

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Guest DWhittier

Hi, all.

I'm attempting to use AutoIt to install a small custom application, which "may" encounter some version conflicts with DLLs it installs. In every case, I would wish to keep the existing file (ie send !y), but I cannot necessarily predict how many of these version conflicts a specific install might encounter before the install completes. Once the version conflicts have been responded to, the install is finished.

I would want to set up a condition whereby:


If WindowTitle = "File Version Conflict" then send !y

(repeat as many times as there are files in question - this varies)

If WindowTitle = "Finished" then send " "


I'm not clear how I would script this - some kind of 'while' loop or 'if' condition...

The input would always be the same, the only variable is how many times I need to respond to the version conflict message.

Any suggestions? I'm not a coder, so the simpler the better. ;-)

Many thanks.


Doug Whittier

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I got stuck on this same thing a while ago and I ended up just writing a function with the winwaitactive("Version Conflict", "", 5) and just called it about 15 times. It will add more time to the script though. the number of seconds the WinWaitActive will wait for the popup times the number of times you call it.

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Guest DWhittier

Interesting. I don't see how that will work.

The way I'm seeing the results of my testing, if you were to put 15 instances of that WinWaitActive statement in there, and the 'Finished' screen appeared after, say, 5 "Version Conflicts" have been responded to, then the Finished screen won't be sent an input because AutoIt is still waiting for more Version Conflicts.

Or at least that's what it looks like - all the version conflicts are being responded to appropriately, but when the final window appears, nothing happened. I have grabbed the final window's name with the Window Spy, but for some reason it's not closing out....


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