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Winamp + Folder Opening

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mhh is there any possibility to add a program/regkey or smtn to my winamp.exe, so that when i open my C:\Programme\Winamp\Winamp.exe

there will be opened my C:\Music\Riddims and C:\Music\Albums folders as well?

i even have no clue what i shall search for to make this possible and couldn't google any working results


i know it would work to make a program that runs winamp and then opens the folders, but is there a solution to add a regkey or something so that always when i open the winamp.exe the folders will appear, too?

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Compile this script and call it something like WinampLaunch.exe, update your start menu link to Winamp to point to this exe.

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Winamp\Winamp.exe")
Run("explorer.exe C:\Music\Riddims")
Run("explorer.exe C:\Music\Albums")
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