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Comparing two bitmap images

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I wanted to have a checkpoint where it will compare two images and return true or false.

1. My application shows a result summary so it will take printscreen of that result data summary.

2. It will save that image as bitmap or jpeg

3. I already had an image of same result data summary (which will act as template for comparison)

4. Autoit will compare these two images.

5. If even a slight change is there between those two images then it should fail otherwise pass.

In Rational Robot, there is a inbuilt checkpoint function provided with which you can compare two images and make it as your checkpoint. so i was also thinking that in AutoIt there may be a way through which we can add checkpoint like this.

One more question i want to ask is:

I want to call an vbscript through autoit script, how i can do it?

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You can compare the files just red the whole file in binary mode and compare the $binary1 to $binary2.

I do that internally in the AutoIt nonreg tests checking. :)

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