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Literal translation of variable names

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I'm sorry, I'm sure this has been addressed but I couldn't find the answer....

From what I've experienced everything with ""'s are interpretted literally, for example:

Send("You entered $name")

Will send "You entered $name"

I saw in the Help file that a combination of &&'s can be used within {}'s, like:

Send("+{TAB " & $n & "}")

How can I use a variable in a Send()? I imagine if I had a string variable before the send I could do this with Send($var) which leads to my second question, how can I concatenate string varibles with "'s being interpretted literally?

Something like:

$toSend = StringConcat("You entered", $name)


Thanks for the help and the probable redundant post,


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I'm retarded...

So, to not leave without trying to contribute after I realized my mistake:

Strings can be concatonated with & as the help file states:

$toSend = "your name is " & $name


or even:

Send("your name is" & $name[3] & "{ENTER}")


Send("your name is" & $name);

(make sure if your variable is an array you specify the element of the array :) )

Sorry for the waste,


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