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My script errors on Windows Vista

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Hi there,

My script works fine on Windows XP (at least for me) but it doesn't seem to work under Windows Vista. Here's the error someone else is getting:

Posted Image

Can somebody who is a little more experienced than me please take a look and tell me what's wrong ? I'd really appreciate it. Since the script requires some additional files I've uploaded it.




Some additional information:

At the point where that error happens the script should actually locate the window title of the other GUI window you see and then reposition it next to the iPhone like script window. After that it should hide the window title.

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Hi StoneCut.. good to see your still playing with the psp side of things :)

I don't have an answer for your error when running in vista, but the error is to do with the AnyGUI_2_8.au3 include your using.

(Line 869)

I can't see why the msg is saying variable not being declared since the variable is declared as Local with in the function that is calling it.

Looks like a vista issue more then your code to me, but I'm no expert at such things.

On another note, I think you could probably use a better/ smoother approach to setting the window pos and docking by writing your own function to do the api call as well as using GUIRegisterMsg.

Hope you don't mind if I keep perusing your code to maybe suggest some improvements in the near future.


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Heya smashly, good to see you around :)

I have simply declare $TargethWnd as a global in my script and it's working on Vista. But it does indeed look like Any Gui might need some updating instead.

My code is nowhere near pretty so better look elsewhere, lol. I'm still a beginner. I'm sure I could dump at least half of the stuff I got in there with some better application logic, hahaha.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your input on how to make things better. The actual problem is solved, however. Good ;)

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