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Anyone know how to write a Script for a Text Based Intenet Game?


i want the script to be able to continuously click 2 buttons... "New Fight"

"Use Weapon" "Cast Spell"

"You aim for A Mauling Zombie"

"You attack A Mauling Zombie"

i want this to keep on doing this till it says "Enemy is dead, R.I.P."

i also need the Script to be able to detect certain colours like... Red, Blue, Green, Purple,Yellow, Orange, Pink, Grey.

I want the Script to record things like "Your weapon mastery increased!"

"Your armor mastery increased"

"Your doublehit mastery increased"

Each time you level you get a stat to choose to increase... VIT, DEX, STR, NTL, WIS, ALL,

If you die you need to revive at a "Shrine"

When you get to a certain amout of gold, it has to bank.

I want a Counter on it aswell for things like "weapon masteries", "armor masteries", "doublehit masteries" "You found the enemies purse", "You find a gem!", You found a Shadow Item", "You leveled"

To see what i mean add my email for further info. Mac11-Spray@hotmail.com

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Well, not sure how you plan on getting help, just by saying 'make this script for me' Never works. Try providing some code you've already tried. I'd start with looking at IE.au3 functions in the help file. Should be fairly easy to make.

Good Luck


AutoIt Console written in C#. Write au3 code right at the console :D_FileWriteToLineWrite to a specific line in a file.My UDF Libraries: MySQL UDF Library version 1.6 MySQL Database UDF's for AutoItI have stopped updating the MySQL thread above, all future updates will be on my SVN. The svn location is:kan2.sytes.net/publicsvn/mysqlnote: This will still be available, but due to my new job, and school hours, am no longer developing this udf.My business: www.hirethebrain.com Hire The Brain HireTheBrain.com Computer Consulting, Design, Assembly and RepairOh no! I've commited Scriptocide!

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Ok... i got a Script made for me, it clicks and everything, but each time it kills amonster it refreshes the gold you get each turn.

Is there anyway of uncompiling a .exe and changing the codes?

The file is larger than the upload room so i can't add it :)

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I just noticed you can't decompile with the new version of Autoit! :)

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