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This is a small utility to ease the pain of adding an mp3 to your profile page.

First you need a Tripod account. After your Tripod Account is created , all you do is select the mp3,enter track info,and enter Tripod login. The file is then uploaded to Tripod via ftp and you receive the code embed to the song on your profile. Sure it can be done by hand but IMHO it easier with this tool. :)

Note:This utlity uses a command line utility called curl to upload the file.If you dont trust the exe I included in source.zip then you will need to download the 7.16.4 of the XP/2000 version of curl with no SSL from curl.haxx.se. I have also included a direct download link.

Here a quick screenshot of the app.

Posted Image

The script can also be downloaded in compiled format at http://michtascripts.freehostia.com/.

V0.7.2:first public release

V0.7.3:fixed a bug with code generation


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