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User creation GUI interface form

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I am very new to Autoit but was very impressed to see what it can do.

I would appreciate if some one can help me. I have a vbscript which helps the helpdesk support staff to create AD user accounts. They are complain that there are few too many popups input bosxes and it would be good good if I can cretae a form with following details:

First Name:

Last Name:

Login Name:


I want te followin variable s to be passed on to aVBscript.

Any ideas?



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Have the VBscript accept Command line inputs, and kick it off that way.

Alternatively, have a look at the AD scripts in the Example section, you might be able to do it all directly in AutoIt :)

Also, you could make a .hta application using your existing VB, and have a HTML style form:


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