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Need some pointers / help

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hi guys, new to this forum and AUTOIT. Been here like for a week and can say that i am a beginner to programming.

Ok, i have read up a few things here so as to get me to work on a bot program for my game.

Have a few queries here, hope someone can give me some pointers.

Ok, here it goes ....

1) I want to find a certain word on the screen, is it possible? i have read a few threads about pixelsearch and pixelchecksum.

As my uunderstand after reading, pixelchecksum checks the sum of an area and it would be able to tell me if the certain word is there. But then the wording in my game is white with opaque background so the checksum would be different right? And pixelchecksum does not do shade variation right, pixelsearch does right?

So how am i going to get to do to find that word in my game? Any pointers or hints?

Thanks for reading.

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Hmm, Most game bots are for MMOs, and MOST MMOs have the ability to install mods.

If this is the case, try and track down a mod that replaces the Fonts with ones that are easier to read.

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