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Get info from a customized MFC ListView control

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Is there any way to get list item data from an MFC CListCtrl where the application, instead of filling the list with text items the normal way, gets the Rect for each item in the list, and draws directly on it (they have for instance implemented a custom tree view that way)? So the info in the list are visualisations of the tree structure, and a text. And I would like to get that text...

The List Control Class is in a DLL. It has of course hidden the list data in a private structure, but there are public methods of extracting the data. I guess that won't help me though, as it's not exported.

Background: I am investigating the possibility to use AutoIt as a test tool, testing a rather complex expert application through the GUI. Many of their list controls are cusomized this way though, so if I can't get around it, I'll have to drop the whole project...

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