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TrayTip: Clicking on it.

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Hi everyone,

I have just started "working" with Autoit and I enjoy it very much. I'm working on a small script for a game and so far I'm succeeding quite well. I've been able to create a TrayTip wich shows itself when the game isn't active.

Now, I would like to do something with that TrayTip when I click on the balloon. Is that possible? Could anyone give me a direction to search in?

I forgot, this is my simple code :)

Dim $T1 = 5; Na hoeveel seconden hij moet buffen.
Dim $T2 = $T1

While 1
    Sleep( 1000 )
    $T1 = $T1 - 1
    ToolTip( $T1, 405, 910, "De buffs starten:", 1 ) 

Func Buff()
    If $T1 = 0 And WinActive( "SRO_Client") Then
        Send( "{F2}" )
        Sleep( 100 )
        Send( "1" )
        Sleep( 1500 )
        Send( "2" )
        Sleep( 4500 )
        Send( "3" )
        Sleep( 4500 )
        Send( "4" )
        Sleep( 3000 )
        Send( "5" )
        Send( "{F1}" )

        $T1 = $T2

    ElseIf $T1 = 0 And Not WinActive( "SRO_Client" ) Then
        TrayTip( "Silkroad is niet actief.", "Klik hier voor je opties.", 1, 1 )
        $T1 = $T2
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From what I've seen it's not possible to do that yet. If i remember correctly Valik said something about this being hard to implement. However I've seen the code that kinda simulates Baloon Tip by creating GUI look like Baloon Tip. You could also maybe try to create that on your own. GUI that behaves like baloon tips.

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Ahh, that's too bad. I really like those TrayTips. Well, I'll try to fix it with a MsgBox then, or something. Or perhaps I can see if I've clicked the TrayTool by checking the color or so. There's always another day.

Thank you for your help!

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