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All in one(WITH SOURCE!)

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I got bored, and wondered If I could make a tabbed app, and an all in one seemed to fit that decription well.

I can almost say i cheated..I used koda ;) really easy with koda, not so easy without

It Includes a web browser, notepad, music player, task manager, and misc section

The Misc Section has:

1. Diagnostics:

1a. Open CD tray

1b. Beep test

1c. SAPI Test

1d. System Info

1e. Monitor On off test

1f. Internet Test

1g. Screen Color test

2. Youtube

2a. Youtube Video Downloader

If you find any of your code in this app, please say so! :">

Have fun, make it your own! Do what ever...

I'll attach the Koda file too..



Koda File:

Please Comment! :)

No known bugs

Nothing on the todo list

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Hey, I noticed if you press any of the music player buttons without loading the music first it errors out.. I know, I know.. Why would ya press these buttons without first loading the music.. LOL Just like telling someone to not push the red button. You know as soon as no one is looking they are gonna press it..

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