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I got a error message, would you help me?

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I Add a user, and I want set the user's property


$UserName = 'Fred'

$Password = '1234'

$strComputer = @ComputerName



$objName = "WinNT://" & @ComputerName & "/" & $UserName

$objUser = ObjGet($objName)

$objUserFlags = ObjGet($objUser & ".userFlags")

$objPasswordExpirationFlag = $objUserFlags Or $ADS_UF_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWD Or $ADS_UF_PASSWD_CANT_CHANGE

$objUser.Put ("userFlags", $objPasswordExpirationFlag )


ERROR Message:

D:\My Documents\AutoIt\AddUser.au3 (25) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:

$objUser.Put ("userFlags", $objPasswordExpirationFlag )

$objUser.Put ("userFlags", $objPasswordExpirationFlag )^ ERROR

->15:05:08 AutoIT3.exe ended.rc:1

Is anybody known the reason?

Sorry for bay english.

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