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Its a little utility similar to the "apt-get" linux comand...

I wrote it a few week ago and I'd like to share it with you :)


Put the "descomprimir.exe" file in the same dir as the .au3 script, and then compile it...

Screenshot :


Its still BETA so use at your own risk xD (I wanted to tell this during all my life xD) jijiji

EDIT: AAhh !!! You have to name it "Autoinstalador by AL3X-admin.exe" because of the protection...

(at the begining of the code : If not ProcessExists("Autoinstalador by AL3X-admin.exe") Then Exit ) ....

This is like an auto-installer, right?

It seems pretty cool!

I've always wanted to do something like this for after installing windows, but never took the time.

What I really wanted was to be able to add an app with a method __AddApp($name,$executable,$commandline) or something like that... or who knows getting apps info from a .txt or .ini file... and placing the list automatically in the GUI.

Who knows create some user defined functions instead of repeating the code.

Yup, something like this is definitely in my ToDo list

this must have taken you some time for the installer switches...

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well what happens when they update their program? wouldnt you have to change your code everytime or is there a way were it can just download the latest? for example, firefox is downloaded from http://ftp-mozilla.netscape.com/pub/mozill....6/win32/en-US/

cant it just download *.exe from the newest created release folder and run it?

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