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Facebook Addict Pro

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Facebook Addict Pro!

Description: Easily access facebook with the press/click of a button/key


- Login automatically with a keybind or the click of a button

-Support for multiple profiles

-Change your status with the click of a button

-Encrypted passwords/passcodes for ultimate security!

-Does not connect to the internet and therefore, your password cannot transmit anywhere!

-Find a person with the click of a button

-Find a group with the click of a button

-Join a group with the click of a button

-Check your wall with the click of a button

-Check your events

-Automatically optimized speed for your internet connection!

Known Bugs:


To Do List:


If you have any suggestions for improvement, please join the Facebook Addict Pro group and post on the wall!

Facebook Addict Pro Version History:

Version - Fixed overlapping Hotkeys

Version - The passcode you use for your account is now encrypted.

Version - Fixed a few typos in the new code

Version - Fixed a bug dealing with the multiple profiles

Version - Added new icons for 'Change Profile', 'Logout', and 'Add a New Profile'

Version - Added the use of a 'Passcode' to prevent someone from logging into your account. After 30 minutes you will be automatically logged out unless you 'Log Out'

Version - Added a 'Add a New Profile' feature

Version - Added a 'Change Profile' feature

Version - Added a 'Logout Feature'

Version - Added the ability to have multiple 'profiles'

Version - Added a 'Check My Wall' feature

Version - Added a 'Find a Person' feature

Version - Fixed the delay after you click an option

Version - Fixed 'Find a Group' and 'Join a Group' from searching for people instead of groups

Version - Added a 'Check Events' feature

Version - Fixed a MAJOR bug in timings. Now All functions will run as fast as your internet speed will let you!

Version - Added in new feature called 'Join a Group'

Version - Changed the 'Find a Group' icon to prepare for 'Join a Group'

Version - Condesed the size of the code slightly

Version - Added the option to join the facebook group in the 'About'

Version - Fixed a few minor bugs!

Version - Converted joining a group to finding a group due to an issue in confirming joining a group

Version - Added the ability to join a group by entering in the name of the group!

Version - Embedded and used more accurate icons

Version - Added in Credits

Version - Changed "Change Status" to include a loading bar and work in hiding

Version - Added Hotkey feature

Version - Added password encryption

Version - Fancied up the tray menu

Version - Added tray menu controls

Version - Added storing for username and password

Version - Added ability to log in and change status

Credits: Generator, Saunders, and Holger

The source code for this is basically in Generator's Collection of scripts. I only customized some of them and added a tray menu with good icon representation :)

Let me know what you guys think ;)

Download here: http://www.andrewshangout.com/FAP/FacebookAddictPro.exe

Website: http://www.andrewshangout.com/fap.html

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