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add users in windows vista

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I'm trying to run this script to add a user in windows vista but for some reasons it wont work. can somebody help!!!

#include <Process.au3>


If Not IsAdmin() Then

_RunDOS("net user johnb parkland /add /Activate")

_RunDOS("net localgroup Administrators johnb /add")

RunAsSet("johnb", @Computername, "parkland")

Run('"' & @AutoItExe & '"' & ' "' & @ScriptFullPath & '"', @WorkingDir)



MsgBox(0, 'Message', 'Now running with admin rights.')

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aren't these 2 lines in contradiction ?:


If Not IsAdmin() Then

The first ensures that the script always runs with Admin right as far as I understand ....right ?

That would mean that the If is always false.

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