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Problem with RunAsSet and network shares

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I am trying to run an application from a network share, but need to do so with elevated privleges as it is an installer for a piece of software. The problem is that the users already have drives mapped to this server which causes running of the pogram to fail due to the fact that the AutoIt script is attempting to connect to the server with a username that conflicts with the username on the existing connection. This is a security feature of Windows 2000 Server and above I believe. Does anyone know of a way to get around this within AutoIt?

I have tried to unmap all network drives first, but that does not kill the session on the server side (not sure how long they would take to expire either). I have also tried to re-map the drive using my alternate credentials, but that fails for the same reason as the Run command (duplicate sessions with different usernames).

I hope I have explained the problem well enough for you guys to understand, let me know if you have any questions.

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