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Disable pop up and Image download in an Embedded IE Window

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I don't have good sleep because of these few problem.

1) How to disable pop up windows in an IE window created by _IECreateEmbedded?

2) How to disable images download in the IE window created by _IECreateEmbedded?

**I really don't want to touch the global setting of IE. Any COM expert can suggest me some tricks?

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Thanks for your suggestions

The problem is

1) The page runs javascript, downloading the file using inetget isn't a good idea

2) I want to disable the images download to speed up the loading speed, filtering the page after loading of full images lose its meaning.

3) Some annoying popups are generated by javascript, however, I need some information generated by javascript as well. Therefore, I can't disable javascript.

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Temporary solution to disable images

$regkey="HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main"

$regvaluename="Display Inline Images"



;Create IE, Naviage at least one page


Still thinking about how to disable popup......

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