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Can someone tell me how to centralize a label control in window

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Do I have to use absolute coordinate?

Some thing like this:

GUICtrlCreateLabel ( "text", left, top, width , height )

Thanks in advance!


If Zedna's solution isn't right for you, then yes, you will have to do the math, but it's not hard. If your GUI's width is already in a variable you're almost done. If not, then get it with WinGetPos() ([2] = width in the returned array).

$avWinPos = WinGetPos($hGUI)
$W = 150, $H = 20, $X = ($avWinPos[2] - $W) / 2, $Y = ($avWinPos[3] - $H) /2
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("text", $X, $Y, $W, $H)


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