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DirCopy and CA Software Delivery

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I am writing a script that needs to copy files from a CA Software Delivery package to the C: drive of a client laptop.

I can use the FileCopy command in the below format and I can copy files to the destination folder:

"FileCopy("%0\..\*.*", "C:\Program Files\Firewall Temp", "1")"

Now I need to copy a directory structure to a client's C: drive and tried the below command, with no luck:

DirCopy("%0\..\*.*", "C:\Program Files\Firewall Temp", 1)

Some options I am looking at include creating a self extracting ZIP file and copy the ZIP file down to the machine and then un-zipping the ZIP file to keep the directory structure. Are there any other suggestions?

Any thought or suggestions on how to get a files and associated directory structure down to a C: drive?


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