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Cisco phone systems

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I just started working at a new job.

They have Cisco IP phones and use a software called CTI Toolbox that allows one to log in and see call stats including call queues.

I'd like to write something that will query for a value (specifically the number of calls in the queue) and allow me to define a sound file to play when the number hits a defined value (like 5).

I've tried to get the data from the CTI toolbox control with:

$sText = ControlGetText("CTI Toolkit Statistics", "", "[CLASS:ATL:SysListView32; INSTANCE:1]")

Unfortunately, I'm getting nothing back.

Anyone have any luck doing this / have any ideas / have anything that will query the Cisco IP phone system directly?


P.S. Yes, I know that there are third-party tools that would do this but the cost WAY too much when all I want is a alert tool.

Sean Shrum :: http://www.shrum.net

All my published AU3-based apps and utilities

'Make it idiot-proof, and someone will make a better idiot'


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