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Opening URL in new Browserwindow?

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made a small script to get the "external" IP, because my computer is behind a router, so the @ipaddress-macros won't help here.

; run ("start http://whatismyip.com")
; advantage: works always, independant of browser type.
; disadvantage: starts URL in the current window if one exists

run ("c:\programme\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" & " http://whatismyip.com")
WinWait ("Your ip is")
$titelzeile = WinGetTitle ("Your ip is")
WinClose ("Your ip is")
$ergebnis = StringSplit ($titelzeile, " ")

Actually, it works quite fine in this version.

But: IE has to be installed, and it has to be a german windows system due to the path.

There has to be a solution to start an URL independant of IE, Netscape, Opera or whatever - but without opening the URL into an existing browser window. I just hate it if some application just overwrites the first found browser window with its own adress...

Maybe after improving the script, it could even be added into the upcomming \include directory, since this problem is not so uncommon at all :whistle:

Best regards,


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