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AU3Info v3.2.6.0 or WinMenuSelectItem() bug?

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In a different post Gif suggested WinMenuSelectItem() to another person that wanted to select Tools > Options from within Skype. Send(!to) works as expected, but here's the code that doesn't work.

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
WinActivate("Skype™ - <user_name>")
WinMenuSelectItem ("Skype™ - <user_name>", "", "&Tools", "&Options...")oÝ÷ ÙK"ayìZ^r^~Ösäç-"צ~º&¶zZ_+"³r#fjÉ"¶«{li» Rȧ7"w趶Ø^®(!µ7±¶Ìz{µé¨­+1éîצ!Ú'ßÛlyèhÂðêÞ=¨Iën§
.ÖÞªê-=¨IëZ©ªê-jëh×6; This will select File, Page Setup in notepad
WinMenuSelectItem("Untitled - ", "", "&File", "Page Set&up..." )

I would have expected "&File" and "Page Set&up..." to be found in the Visible Text or Hidden Text tabs, but both areas including the other tabs don't show this information required for WinMenuSelectItem() to work correctly. Thoughts?? Thanks in advance guys!

Edit: I suspect the reason the WinMenuSelectItem() code doesn't work with Skype is that the Menu Items are either custom or a toolbar "pretending" to be menus. The 2nd paragraph under Remarks for WinMenuSelectItem() says this:

WinMenuSelectItem will only work on standard menus. Unfortunately, many menus in use today are actually custom written or toolbars "pretending" to be menus. This is true for most Microsoft applications.

If this is the reason AU3Info doesn't display the "&File" and "Page Set&up..." text, shouldn't this be documented somewhere in the Help file? Or is this a bug? Edited by ssubirias3

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...AU3Info doesn't display the "&File" and "Page Set&up..." text,

AFAIK - that is correct when dealing with menus... even notepad's menus.

You just have to type carefully....MSP


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