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Activation Key

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Hello there,

Ive been around this forum for months and now I finally decided myself to register :)


Ive developed, macro,bots and utility script for some games, and

as everyone knows there are websites that sells this things without permission of the authors, earning lot of money...

I wish to distribute my scripts on my comminity forums for free, but I wish to code a verification system, to not have my work stolen, and give activation keys only to community members that ask for it.

My idea of "Activation Key Script" is something like:


-check HardDisk (or other hardware) numbers,

-make some encryption

-generate a string (that user should give to me)


-decrypt the string

-generate the activation key and give it to user

I really dont know where to start, if anyone points me to the right direction I would start to code something :)

thx in advance (and sorry for my not so good english)

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Have a look Here

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For the Harddisk info, take a look at this script - you should be able to get what you need:


For processor id, look here:

I would use something simple like the date and time when the request was ran to get the HDD info and the processor id, and use this to make the string that is sent to you

The encrypt part you may be able to leave out. All you need is the string. You may be able to automate that process so that the user won't have to send anything, but they would have to enter in their name. Have that matched with other stuff in the PC so the folder can't be copied to a different PC. I would use the mac address, HDD, and possibly the processor ID.

Use the responce string , and combine with the request string to get a final result that allows your script to run.

$finalresult = 123456 then





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thx for your answers, I give them try...

but the one posted by BigDod seems a bit hard to understand and use, since lack of a point to point guide, and can make lots of things that I would not need :-/

the second one posted by Volly seems more confortable for my skills and needs, and btw the second link is broken..or better does not appear at all :)

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