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How to Apply a set of images to XSkinButton ?

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Hi, I would understand how to apply a set of images for a button, I would add an example of code:

In this example, at row 1 I can set the skin for the Gui but how can I choice a skin for the button at row 3 of this small example ?

Thank you for your help in advance.



#Include <XSkin.au3>

; folder of skin

1 $Skin_Folder = @ScriptDir & "\Skins\Carbon"

2 $XSkinGui = XSkinGUICreate( "My GUI", 400, 450, $Skin_Folder)

3 $button_1 = XSkinButton("Button 1", 145, 100, 100, 35, "Hello")

4 GUISetState()

While 1

MouseOver() ;makes the button flash on mouseover



Func Hello()

MsgBox(64, "XSkin", "Test Button 1", 3)


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