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Emiel Wieldraaijer

AutoItscript Toolbar for Webbrowser

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If Jon and/or the folks that make up the AutoIt Team didn't create this then I'd guess its someone trying to make some money for themselves without Jon's approval. Afterall, anyone can create these toolbars and the reason for doing so could be

Reseller Partners

Resellers are compensated based on revenue share. Conduit evaluates resellers based on their ability and interest in distributing Conduit to their client base. We invite web hosting companies, website design firms, digital marketing firms, and companies offering marketing tools to consider adding Conduit to their service offering.

Other than that, my thoughts are
  • -- who needs another toolbar
  • -- who doesn't use a tabbed browser that supports shortcuts like "g what is autoit3"
It would be nice to have Jon or one of the people in the "know" to say yes or no all revenue generated goes to offset Jon's fees for offering the forum and AutoIt to all of us.

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indeed yet another toolbar ..

but this toolbar is very handy for autoit users..

- RSS Feed of the forum

- Update check in the toolbar

- Shorcut to download / documentation / Scite

i installed the toolbar i was very curious ..


Best regards,Emiel Wieldraaijer

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