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AutoIt v3.2.8.0 Released

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- Changed: General speed improvements (currently up to 24% in some cases compared to

- Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 7.3.

- Changed: Recursion-based code limits relaxed.

- Added: wchar type added to DllStructCreate().

- Added: WinMove() speed parameter.

- Fixed: Crash on AutoIt exit if TrayCreateItem() is not deleted.

- Fixed: AutoIt crash on bad parameter when calling TrayCreateMenu()

- Fixed: Character positions used in StringRegExp() not correct for characters > 127 (accents, non-Western)

- Fixed: ProcessExist() under Windows 9x.

- Fixed: GUISetState(@SW_DISABLE) not disabling keyboard input.

- Fixed: Sometimes AutoIt crashes on DllStructGetData() with char[] types.

- Fixed: Au3Info restoring last settings at startup.

- Fixed: Better handling of notifications when using colored buttons.

- Fixed: ControlGetText() crash on Scite windows.

- Fixed: $LVSCW_AUTOSIZE column truncates display string.

- Fixed: Incorrect listview creation with GUICtrlCreateListView().

- Fixed: Memory leak when AutoIt needed to get long file name.

- Fixed: ListviewItem not created after other child Window creation/deletion.

- Fixed: ControlGetFocus() returning bad ClassNN values.

- Fixed: Detection of invalid CONTINUELOOP statement.

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