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Include GUI image with compiled script

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Hi everyone

I've been writing a script which will toggle the read-only attribute on a games-console emulator configuration file.

I'm using a GUI I created with AutoIt Koda and that GUI contains an image.

But when the script is compiled, the image in the GUI doesn't appear.

When compiled, does the script just keep a path reference to the original image files?

Is there a way to have the actual images embedded in the compiled script?

I looked at the function FileInstall but that's not quite what I need.

From the manual it appears FileInstall just lets you copy out the image file into a different location when the compiled script is run.

Ideally I don't want to have to copy the image files out, display the GUI, then delete the image files once the script closes.

I also looked at #include but that appears to just be for including other AutoIt scripts.

Is this possible to do what I'm looking for with compiled scripts?



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FileInstall is for you:

- it copies image file when you run uncompiled file

- when compiling it embed your image file into your EXE

- it copies image file from EXE to temporary file when you run compiled file

Also look at my resources UDF - with this you can embed image into your EXE and use it without creating temporary files like FileInstall does

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