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Problem with the WinWait Function

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Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to using AutoIt. I created a simple script that launches a program and logs in for me. I am using the WinWait function to wait for the login window before entering the info. It was working fine.

However, now I want to create a simple GUI to enter other info to be used later by the script and for some reason it's not entering my login info in the right text boxes. I have to re-run the script to get it to enter the text.

When I remove the #include <GUIConstants.au3> line it works... I don't get it...




; Jeff's Table Hopper automation script
; ver. 0.1
; Last updated : 2007-09-07

; Includes

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

; Variables (change with the quotes " ")
; Login Info
Global Const $ftlogin = "XXXX"
Global Const $ftpassword = "XXXX"
; FTP Path
Global Const $ftppath = "c:\green\FTP\FTP.exe"

;----------------- DO NOT EDIT BEYOND THIS POINT ------------------;
; Run FT
RunWait( $ftppath )

; Waits for Login screen to appear
; Enters Login Info
; Clicks "Login" button
WinWait ("Login")
ControlSetText ("Login", "", 256, $ftlogin)
ControlSetText ("Login", "", 257, $ftpassword)
ControlClick ( "Login", "Login", 1)

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oops! I got mixed up with using WinWait and put RunWait too... thanks alot!

good catch MHz, I looked right at that and didn't really see it!


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