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Kill your speaker :)


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I just played arount with DllCall ...

func kernel32_Beep ($freq,$duration)
  ; Win95 ignores duration parameter
  ; freq : 37 -> 32767 [HZ]
   $r = dllcall("kernel32.dll","long","Beep","long",$freq,"long",$duration)
   if @error = 1 Then
         Return $r[0]

This function truly makes autoit powerfull (i mean dllcall not mine :"> )

if you miss something the api supports, you can just code it....

want to hear some funny noise?

try this one

for $i = 0 to 250


CoProc Multi Process Helper libraryTrashBin.nfshost.com store your AutoIt related files here!AutoIt User Map
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Or ever funnier, adding some silence and randomize duration even more:

While 1
  If Int(Random(0,60)) = 0 Then Sleep(Int(Random(10,1001)))
  If Int(Random(0,600)) = 0 Then ExitLoop
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use the latest unstable version of autoit


I got ver: AutoIt v.

Do i need the AutoItX Beta, cause i think this is newest version and i still get the error ( from Syntax check..)

ERROR: DllCall(): undefined function.
  $r = DllCall("kernel32.dll","long","Beep","long",$freq,"long",$duration)
>Exit code: 2    Time: 0.380
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  • 1 year later...

Never hurts to look a old threads, usually I get old threads when I search Google... Then when I post w/o looking at the date everyone kinda does that "wth?" thing. ;) Anyway. I've never seen Beep() b4. How do you add functions to Autoit? Is it hard? If I knew how I would make a way to have BlockInput() accept hotkeys.

Edit: Beep() dosn't use the default keyword :P. Beep(default) does nothing and returns 1.

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