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Variable to a net use DOS

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Am I missing something thats gonna slap me in the face here ?

I want to pass a variable to a net use command so I [ well not me, teachers ] can map a drive to a students home dir. Code I have is as follows:

; AutoIt Version:    2.64
; Language:          English
; Platform:          WinXP
; Author:            Matt ********************  
; Script Function:  Maps a drive to a students home directory


InputBox, usernum, Student Home Drive Mapper, Please Enter number corrasponding to the User ID.
    FileReadLine, user, c:\\matt\\students2.txt, %usernum%
        MsgBox, 4, Is this the student ?, %user%
            IfMsgBox, NO, Goto, start
;map drive

run, %comspec% /c net use s: /d
    sleep, 2000
        run, %comspec% /c net use s: \\\\*****01\\%user%

I have tried to use the %clipboard% variable too but no luck - is there a way I can get the %user% variable to DOS so I can map the drive ?

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Have you tried using EnvSet and EnvUpdate? Check Helpfile under Function Reference, Environment Management. You may have to create an environment variable to use in the OS.

Example: ; Set TMPCLASSPATH environment variable

EnvSet("TMPCLASSPATH", $Nline)

with $Nline being the new value you want to set it to.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks for the tips, its a little strange why it won't work, the only thing I can think of is that I am testing it on my laptop which is not part of the domain. I tried the net use from my laptop just to see if it would work - [ not using the variable ] and it worked fine.

I'll try a runwait tomorow and also try it on a PC which is part of the domain.

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