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Active Directory: SetPassword() Help!

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Hey guys. I'm trying to work on a GUI that acts as a user control panel for Active Directory Management.

One of the first things that I'm trying to accomplish is adding a user. Here is my CreateUser() function:

Func CreateUser($userid, $firstname, $lastname)
    $domain = $array_UserControl[1][1]
    $suffix = $array_UserControl[2][1]
    $cn = $array_UserControl[3][1]
    $servername = $array_UserControl[4][1]
    $defaultpassword = "apassword4u"
    $objOU = ObjGet("LDAP://cn=" & $cn & ",dc=" & $domain & ",dc=" & $suffix)
    $objUser = $objOU.Create("User", "cn="& $firstname & " " & $lastname)
    $objUser.Put ("userPrincipalName", "" &  $userid & "@" & $domain & "." & $suffix)
    $objUser.Put ("sAMAccountName", $userid)
    $objUser.Put ("profilePath", "\\" & $servername & "\profiles\" & $userid)
    $objUser.SetPassword ($defaultpassword)
    $objApp = ObjCreate("Wscript.Shell")
    $objUser.AccountDisabled = 0    
    $objUser.Put ("pwdLastSet", 0)


However, when I run it, it tells me that when it gets to the SetPassword() part, it fails! No other description aside from that it failed.

What am I doing wrong? Every other source and post that I have checked show that I am using the correct syntax. Please help!



I thought I posted this in the General Help and Support. I am reposting it there, feel free to delete this thread. My apologies.*

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