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hotkeyset like that should not be a problem...are you sure the locking doesnt come from some other part of your code?

I would not think, i am just using a simple send()

Func ShowMessage()

Send("Site(S):{Enter}Issue:{Enter}Ownership:{Enter}Agents:{Enter}TP Incidents:{enter}Ext Ticket:",0)

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hum that doesnt look like a malformed send function... (but the second argument is uneeded)

Can you post your script as a whole?


Global $Paused

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause")

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")

Opt("SendKeyDelay",0 )













While 1




Func TogglePause()

$Paused = NOT $Paused

While $Paused


ToolTip('Script is "Paused"',0,0)




Func Terminate()

Exit 0


Func SevNote()

Send("Site(S):{Enter}Issue:{Enter}Ownership:{Enter}Agents:{Enter}TP Incidents:{enter}Ext Ticket:{enter}{enter}",0)


Func CallCopy()

Send("Your request for call copy logins has been completed. Below you will find the username(s) and password(s) for the new user(s).Please have the user(s) change their password upon initial login.{enter}{enter}Username:{enter}Password:{enter}{enter}{enter}Thanks You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func DistroList()

Send("Please refrain from sending e-mails of this nature to the IT-Help Desk group, this is for internal use only and reaches every member of the help desk. Please use the appropriate email address helpdesk@teleperformance.com.{enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func CaresOutage()

Send("Affected Location(s):{Enter}Number of Agents affected:{Enter}Issues start time:{enter}{enter}IP(s) of affected cares or URL:{enter}{enter}Description of issue:{enter}{enter}{enter}{enter}{enter}{enter}Local Supervisor for site:{enter}Local Supervisor phone number:",0)


Func NtPassword()

Send("Thank you for contacting the Teleperformance Help Desk. Your password change request has been completed. Please have the user change thier password immediately upon logging in to the system. Please contact Help Desk if you have any questions or issues with the recently rest password. Username and Password information is below.{enter}{enter}{enter}{enter}Username:{enter}Password{Enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func NotAuth()

Send("This Request has been declined, for one or more of the following reasons.{Enter}Password resets must be requested by authorized individuals that are part of the management group (and above the affected individual in the managment hierarchy) such as supervisors, ACCM's, CCM's, project managers, or authorized login administrators, and from the same location.{enter}All requests must be sent from a valid Teleperformance email address.{enter}{enter}If you feel this has been declined in error, or you have a questions please contact the Help Desk.{enter}{enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter} ",0)


Func ChildTicket()

Send("Your ticket is part of another know issue and is being closed. For all updates please refer to the following ticket information. You can see the ticket using the link that has been provided.{enter}{enter}{enter}Incident ticket:{enter}Location:{enter}{enter}{enter}Http://tphd.teleperformanceusa.com/tcktdtllocation.asp{enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func Reqadditional()

Send("In order for us to properly process your request we need some addtional information. Please update the ticket with the answers to following questions.{enter}{enter}{enter}1.{enter}2.{enter}3.{enter}4.{enter}5.{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func ClosedInfo()

send("Due to lack of information in your ticket we were unable to process your request and as a result your ticket has been closed. Please create a new ticket if this is still an issue. We appreciate your assistance and support. Please contact the Help Desk at 801-257-6065 or 877-877-8971 opt 2 if you have any questions on what information is needed.{Enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func MultTicket()

send("This ticket was closed due to multiple issues in a single ticket. Please open up a ticket for each individual issue. This will help us handle you issues in a more efficient manner. We appreciate your assistance and understanding in this matter.{enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func ClosInactivity()

send("There as been no activity on your ticket for the past 30 days. Due to this inactivity your ticket has been closed. If this is currently an issue please contact Help Desk at 801-257-6065 or 877-877-8971. We will be happy to review the ticket and add any addtional information.{enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


Func SumbitTicket()

Send("This type of request cannot be properly taken care thru e-mail. Please create a Help Desk ticket at the following link on this issue. So we can properly track the progress of the issue. We appreciate your understanding on this issue.{enter}{enter}{enter}Thank You,{enter}{enter}",0)


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The problem seems to be that there's no delay between your HotKeySet() events and the send command, which causes something to stick.

Try putting a Sleep(250) before the send commands in the functions. I'd be interested to know if this is a bug or intended behavior...

Edited by evilertoaster

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