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Need advice on selected text

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I would like to build the following script to ease my work: while on a webpage, I want to be able to select a fix amount of text (500 chars) from that webpage. I would click on the position in text where I want my selection to start and the selection would autoitmagicaly extend up to 500 chars from that point.

I've read the manual but I still haven't found a way to manipulate the length of the selection.

At the moment I use a "workaround", selecting the text into the clipboard and counting the length of the string with (snip)

$bak = ClipGet()
$len = StringLen(String($bak))

and using a tooltip to give me some hints on the screen.

Anybody can help me get closer to my original need? Thank you very much.

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For such reding text pieces from webpage would be better to use IE UDF.

Look into AutoIt helpfile at User Defined Function Reference --> IE Management

Probably: _IEBodyReadText()

Thank you for the answer but this doesn't fit my need :)

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what you ask sound insane.

that why Zedna give sanity.

why you need text of mouse selection, crazy? ~Jap

Thanks for the constructive comment. Cheers mate!

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