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Zip Component UDF

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I'd stumbled over a component called CGZip ( Info-Zip ) and made a small UDF

This is just a basic archiver but never the less powerfull and has some benefits from some of the other archivers - this one can write archive contense to a variable without unpacking ec., a nice feature to script languages like autoit3 - always use wildcards where * is all files ec....

Currently only four commands:

1. _Zip( $zipname, $rootdir, [$rootfolders = True[,$update = False]])

2. _UnZip( $zipname, $UnZipTo, [$Createpath = False[,$OnlyNewer = False]])

3. _GetZip( $zipname, [$logfile = Nothing[,$WriteToTmp = False]])

4. _TestZip( $zipname, [,$WriteToTemp = False])

Note: The _Zip / _UnZip commands use wildcards as standard were * use all files / *.exe build or extract only executes ec., options to exclude, add and build related to wildcards - comes with source, topics, Components and CGZip Management html files

Download from site:


kjactive :)

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