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1º- Make your pic in paint/photoshop or wherever.

2º- Go to http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/

3º- Upload your pic. (Check the 'Merge with a 32x32 desktop icon' option.)

4º- Download your icon.

I alway use it. It works awesome. You can use gifs for transparency and all that jazz.

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Ashley, for things like this you will need to do a bit of research.

Your 14 right? That means secondary school, I dont know about where you come from, but I think they teach you how to write English with capitals and punctuation. And don't you dare say your home taught as that would make your parents look so screwed up. Even if this is "just" the internet, people have to put up with bad English etc and its really hard to read. I could understand why people don't from places like France etc but..

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anybody know a good (but FREE) icon maker

I use Paint.NET (free) at work to create the image(s) and then I typically use Icon Sushi (also free) for extracting/building my icon sets.

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