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Function _BKColor

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Easy Function :)

Sets the background and text color of a control. (In one line)

We can also have "Transparent Label"


Transparent Label with blue text

$MyLabel = GUICtrlCreateLabel("V 1.20", 205, 114, 35, 17)

_BKColor(-1, -1, 0x0000FF)

; Function    : _BKColor( backgroundcolor, controlID, textcolor )
; Description   : Sets the background color of a control. (Transparent Label)
;              : Sets the text color of a control.
; Author        : Thunder-man (Frank Michalski)
; Date        : 19. September 2007
; Version      : V 1.20
; Example  :     _BKColor()                             :Transparent
;               _BKColor( -1, $MyLabel)                :Transparent
;               _BKColor(0x00ff00)                      :Color Green
;               _BKColor(0x00ff00, $MyLabel)              :Color Green
;               _BKColor( -1, $MyLabel, 0x00ff00)   :Text Color Green
Func _BKColor($BackColor_ = "", $GuiID_ = -1, $Textcolor_ = 0x000000)
    If $BackColor_ = "" or $BackColor_ = -1 Then
    GUICtrlSetColor($GuiID_, $Textcolor_)
    GUICtrlSetBkColor($GuiID_, $BackColor_)
    GUICtrlSetColor($GuiID_, $Textcolor_)
EndFunc ;==>_BKColor

So long


Edited by Thunder-man

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