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Inetget - Local Filename

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Girls, Boys,

I have some trouble using InetGet().

According to the helpfile the second parameter ('Local Filename') should be optional.



The URL I want to download from is something like: 'http://subdomain.domain.tld/file.php?var1=xy&var2=yz'

The script file.php sends a header with the filename, so when using a browser the download starts and a file like result-123.csv is saved.

How do I use InetGet for this. I do not know the filename for the downloaded file, because it is generated by the php script each time different and sent as header.




InetGet('http://subdomain.domain.tld/file.php?var1=xy&var2=yz', @DesktopDir)

will show no error besides that I cannot find any file downloaded. Where am I wrong?

Or does anyone know a different way to get this task done?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Nothing until now? <sigh />

Let me ask in a different way: function InetGet() has as second parameter the file name of the downloaded file. This parameter is (according to the help) optional.

So if I do not use this parameter, where can I find the downloaded file?

Really hope that someone has a hint for me.



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This is not a file. Take a look at the return code for Inetget.

It gives a file.

InetGet('http://subdomain.domain.tld/file.php?var1=xy&var2=yz', 'some_name.txt')

This will save a file called some_name.txt in the script's folder. But I do not know the filename before. So I skip this parameter.

When typing this URl in any browser's addressbar the browser will start a download and save that file with the name given by the php header.

And the default location for downloading with giving any parameters is your script location.

Only if I use the second parameter ('Local Filename').



will not save a file.

I give up.

Thanks for your answer.

Guess I have to use wget.

Have a good night.


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