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Newbie: NET SEND & Starting Perl script

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Hi all,

i am a newbie with scripting. and i have 2 questions.

1) i try to script a GUI with a textfield. insert text should be send by net send.


;this is where i enter a text

GUICtrlCreateLabel("Text", 20, 60, 30)

$TEXT = GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 20, 80, 450, 100, $ES_AUTOVSCROLL + $WS_VSCROLL + $ES_MULTILINE + $ES_WANTRETURN)

GUICtrlSetTip(-1, "Bitte Text eingeben.")


how can i include that to...


Run("net send someuser")

2) i have a perl script on a server.


how can i start it, by pressing a button?

thanks a lot.

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1) Read the text of your edit box with GUICtrlRead($EDIT). Example:

     $TextRead = GUICtrlRead($EDIT)
     Run("net send someuser " & $TextRead)

2) Not sure what you mean by "start it". Do you just want to access that URL? Cus if so, you can just go like this:

Case $MSG = $BTN_PERL; I'm pretending this is the button you want to push

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Hi Saunders,

sorry 4 my worst english :-)

ah, yes, i want to run a perl script by pressing a button.

i will test it now.

thanks a lot 4 ur help.

//Edit: thanks a lot it works fine :-) is there a user guide for some "hello World" scriptings?

is it possible to set a maximum limit of charakters in a textbox?

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