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2 sets of radio button?

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$Radio_auth = GuiCtrlCreateRadio("Requires Authentification", 100, 160, 170, 20)
GUICtrlSetState($Radio_auth, $GUI_CHECKED)
$auth = 1
$Radio_noauth = GuiCtrlCreateRadio("No Authentification", 100, 180, 170, 20)

$Input_user = GuiCtrlCreateInput("Username", 100, 200, 200, 20)
$Input_pass = GuiCtrlCreateInput("Password", 100, 240, 200, 20)

$Radio_SSL = GuiCtrlCreateRadio("Requires SSL", 100, 260, 170, 20)
GUICtrlSetState($Radio_SSL, $GUI_CHECKED)
$SSL = 1
$Radio_noSSL = GuiCtrlCreateRadio("No SSL", 100, 280, 170, 20)

my radio buttons cancel the other out when i click one, what am I doing wrong

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Radio buttons are designed to cancel each other out. Only one can be set on inside of a particular group. Check boxes are more appropriate if multiple selections are needed. Other than that you would need to create separate groups (GUICtrlCreateGroup) with the radios insides them.

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